Crater of Reflection

As the sun unveiled Mount Bailey amidst the gorgeous landscape around Diamond Lake, excitement to crest Crater Lake grew and was further exacerbated by the consumption of “copious amounts of coffee” and a solid breakfast.  Climbing back up toward the gate of Crater Lake was a breeze, riding a strong buzz of caffeine and sugar up […]

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Family matters

I love pancakes.  Throw a stack of fluffy, buttery flapjacks in front of me and you’ve got yourself a happy Frost.  Day 3 was kickstarted by a couple of blueberry pancakes complemented by a few cups of watery diner coffee before venturing toward Bend to meet my Dad at Deschutes Brewing for lunch. Meeting with […]

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“I wonder how these guys stop?”

Upon waking from the first night’s sleep, I felt a renewed sense of energy and excitement to climb the McKenzie Pass, a beautiful scenic route that juts through the wilderness surrounded by Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack and the Sisters.  Being nestled within such mountains as you chase the horizon gives a sense […]

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105 miles

The night prior to the start of the tour proved a bit restless, as I felt like a 5-year old anticipating ripping into wrapping paper Christmas morning, hoping to uncover what they’d been hoping for the last year.  What would lie before me on my first tour was unknown and I could not wait to […]

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Ready to Roll

The bike is all packed up now!  Everything from tire levers to trail mix to a pour-over coffee maker. Here’s a look at the unpacked version of all the supplies minus the tent, sleeping bag and pad. And like magic, it all fits into my bags! Time to throw it all on the bike and roll […]

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Back to Corvallis

Hitting huge hills, fly fishing, pickleballing and sipping some craft beer best summarizes my time in Bend.  This is how the Frosts spend man time together, along with blasting tunes from British birds The Clash to the massively flamboyant and talented Elton John.  I couldn’t imagine a much better way to pass four days of perfect weather […]

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“You look so Oregon”

Done with finals and the weight off my shoulders feels quite liberating. What do I have to do this morning?  Eat. Read. Bike. The clarity and serenity that accompanies having a break from the pressure of school allows my mind to wander, create and relax for an extended period.  The last couple of days have […]

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