Mindo to Cotopaxi

Put on your adventure pants, it’s time to experience a guided crash course from Mindo to Cotopaxi in less than 600 words, including a horrifically unoriginal title. Mindo is officially one of the greatest place I have ever been, with hiking, ziplining, cheap authentic food, chocolate and beer.  We stayed at Casa de Cecelia, a […]

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A Whole New System II

The second chunk of my rotations have brought me to Carcelen Bajo and Hospital Militar, two healthcare providers that could not be any more different. I’ll begin with Carcelen Bajo, a small clinic and public health center with a focus in family medicine and primary care.  Carcelen Bajo is one of the most economically depressed […]

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An intentionally simple title for a rather complex topic: the demographics and culture of Ecuadorians.  One of the strongest traits of the people of South America is the inherently social nature of most people you pass by on the street.  This social affinity is driven by the strong sense of community in all of the […]

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Oh Otavalo

Otavalo was the destination for this weekend, heading into town with intentions of viewing an indigenous clinic, buying some stuff from one of the world’s largest markets and trying to have a holistically awesome time in the heartland of Ecuador. After getting off of the bus we headed to Jambi Huasi, a clinic seeking to promote […]

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A whole new system

There are a few reasons that I am in Ecuador this summer: culture, language, adventure.  But the central theme that encompasses all of these things and that led me to the Southern hemisphere in the first place is medicine.  Ecuador has a unique system that provides universal primary care for individuals that either work or […]

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¿Dónde estamos?

When in Ecuador, the best thing to do on the weekends is hop on a bus and journey to the various natural and touristic landmarks around the country.  First stop, Baños de Agua Santa, a natural wonder of this beautiful area.  The town of about 14,000 people offers outdoor activities, bridge jumping, car and motorcycle […]

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