Qué tan lejos

Being abroad gives a certain sense of physical disconnect with your home, yet spiritually a person feels their values, past and culture more strongly than ever when facing novel circumstances.  Yesterday I was feeling a bit ill before class and decided not to go (a pretty rare occurrence in general for me) when I got […]

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¡Vamos a la Selva!

Sometimes when travelling you have to give yourself a mental reality check in order to process the fact that you actually are immersed in places you’ve only seen in textbooks or heard about in stories and legends.  This weekend I had the privilege of travelling into the Amazon and visiting part of the primary rainforest […]

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Enfermedades venéras en Ecuador

Here in Ecuador, my Spanish classes have been based primarily around speaking, presenting and learning the language in a dynamic setting rather than sitting and memorizing verb charts.  For this reason, we have a presentation to give this coming Monday and mine happens to be regarding sexual health in Ecuador.  So here’s a little information […]

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I can’t quit you, Quito

Back in Quito after two weeks of Chone!  Chone was a typical coast village where the people were kind, bananas and fresh fruits were abundant, the women were beautiful and the food was rich. It was certainly a different experience than Quito, with entire families riding on bicycles and motorcycles to commute to work, dirt […]

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Government health: To go!

Today we once again had the good fortune of following the nurses and doctors of Chone out to the homes of those physically or mentally incapable of getting to the hospital without considerable assistance.  In the first round of visits we saw mostly older patients that had either complicated transportation situations or physical disabilities, ranging […]

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Migration of the Whales

Each year, humpback whales of the Southern Hemisphere make an epic migration from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to their breeding grounds located off the tip of Ecuador.   After spending their winters fattening up, these behemoths swim northwards toward warmer waters.  Puerto Lopez, Ecuador happens to be a wonderful place to view these creatures […]

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Gente II

As Reina del Camino rattle down the highway, a first-time international traveler such as myself couldn’t help but be intrigued by the sprawling banana plantations, roadside taffy vendors and huts made of bamboo with hammocks stretched beneath.  Leaving Quito feels like leaving home at this point as I’ve begun to grow accustomed to the strength […]

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