Back in the Saddle

Welcome back to America, gringo! I had the great fortune of coming back into the states to the open arms of my mom and Randy in the Portland airport, followed by steak, potatoes and American football, a pretty solid welcoming wagon in my eyes.  My time in Ecuador was invaluable and unforgettable and I’ve certainly […]

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¡Hasta luego!

I love writing, but sometimes I lack the words to adequately describe my experiences.  A few key ideas though: hiking/climbing, hopping on busses from the side of the road, burpees on the beach in the Amazon, house calls in Chone, horseback riding in the Andes, ziplining in Mindo, eating half of a chicken for dinner […]

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Due to the immense biodiversity of Oregon, outdoor enthusiasts are able to ride the waves in Newport in the morning and hit the slopes of Hood for an evening session without much logistical hassle.  The land in Oregon is starkly divided by the Cascade range, a series of lively and rugged mountains that have been my playground […]

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Cotopaxi is pissed!

A quick cultural blog post on the politic happenings here in Quito.  As Cotopaxi continues spewing ash, the population here in Ecuador genuinely believes that the Earth is angry with the decisions of current President Rafael Correa, due to implementation of new taxes, general economic mismanagement and smothering freedom of the press.  The people of Ecuador […]

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