If you come into my Physical Science class, it is clear that grit, energy, optimism, self-awareness, social intelligence and gratitude are the traits needed to succeed.  The traits are posted on the wall where all can see and are referred to often.  Gratitude is most important this time of year.

The first group that I see each day are the gritty people at Snake River.  The 5:30 AM crew offers the best good mornings, with sleepy smiles and creaky joints.  We wake up together, break down together, then rebuild together.  Difficult to imagine starting the day without the growth we share.  Snake River has also been welcoming to me as a new coach, offering an internship to prepare to coach at Snake River and Caldwell High.  The community at SRCF is strong and I am grateful to play a role.


Next is Teach for America, the most hopeful and inspired group I have ever been around.  The energy is always warm and positive and provides laughs and love regardless of the situation.  TFA helps provide new ideas within each community and support regardless of the circumstances.  The positive energy can be confusing some days, but there is always room to unleash the negative energy.


The Caldwell football coaches are the group that I have spent the most time with in the last few months.  Our team does a good job for what is offered, and our character is certainly strong after rolling through the season we had.  Each game was debriefed with fire and food regardless of the outcome.  Coaches, kids and families ran around to celebrate or bring spirits up each Friday night and into Saturday morning.  Great work brings great reward, even if the results take some time to visualize.


These tribes have brought the best out of me each day, squeezing out the intense, scientific, sport-loving humanist that I am.  I still struggle to dance, juggle, or do more than one thing at a time, but sticking around these groups certainly will not harm.


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