Snow-packs and Switchbacks

The past 7 days have been spent either in the Wilderness or looking toward it from National Forest land.  Appreciating and guarding the nature around us is critical to the well-being of humans, as many of us lose touch with the most powerful forces around us in favor of more tame distractions.  We all are […]

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Setback to Summit

Trail Creek Summit was a good morning ride and I arrived back at camp by 9 AM.  Plenty of the day remaining to make breakfast and head down the path to Hailey and spend time with Emilee, a gal from our Sawtooth Relay team.  Outside Hailey Coffee, Emilee greeted me as the Surly rolled by. […]

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“Rivers know this…”

“There is no hurry, we shall get there someday.” -A. A. Milne A fitting quote for a tour that seemed to consistently change course and purpose due to barriers, obstacles and new paths.  That is philosophy simple enough for me to grasp.  The original purpose of this trip was to follow along the Boise River […]

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Summer in Idaho

Teachers have summers off.  It seems a distant and abstract idea during the year then suddenly we are free to get outdoors, ride bikes and do burpees.  So far summer has been filled with friends old and new, cheering on CrossFit Train at Regionals and running with the Snake River Spuddies in the Sawtooth Relay, […]

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