Snow-packs and Switchbacks

The past 7 days have been spent either in the Wilderness or looking toward it from National Forest land.  Appreciating and guarding the nature around us is critical to the well-being of humans, as many of us lose touch with the most powerful forces around us in favor of more tame distractions.  We all are guilty of checking Instagram, long hauls of watching Netflix and overlooking the opportunity to use our vitality to explore.


Summertime gives the chance to get out and meet up with friends, sit out beneath Aspen trees and camp beneath the stars.  The forces of earth, wind, fire and water are greater than we often have time to appreciate.  Snow can halt a route, rivers can wash away backcountry paths and trees can create consistent barriers.

“I can tell it is Summer because my arms are tanned, shins are scraped and biceps are bruised.”  Good call, Carl.


Being outdoors give us the ability to live in deep time, a state in which distractions fall away and survival sustains our being.  We are consumed by the beauty of the sunlight trickling through the trees and the green hues across the soil, delighted by the flow of a clean creek gushing glacier water and a clear plain perfect for pitching a tent.  We are lost for hours in conversations about life, Italian food, partners and Russia.  From micro to macro, the rest of the world stops and time falls away.


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