So, how do I teach?

Welcome to the challenges, joys, frustrations and life of education.  Tulsa compacts the experience of first year teaching into a brief window, one semester of Algebra curriculum crammed into only four weeks.  That is one method of becoming a better teacher, allowing great exposure to material in a short time frame. To sum up, here […]

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Tulsa, Oklahoma… what is there to do in Tulsa?  Sit alone and talk, and watch a hawk making lazy circles in the sSKKYYYY!”  So I am coming in with relatively low expectations. Uhhhh there is barbeque, a river, some heat.  Fortunately this creates a space where the strongest temptation is to teach, think about teaching or […]

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Power, Pedagogy, and Potatoes?  That is correct.  Let us break these terms down. Power — Capacity and performance exerting energy: physically, mentally, socially. Pedagogy — Theories and practices of teaching and learning. Potatoes — Fuel for the above endeavors and decidedly the official food of Idaho.  The sweeter the better. After the whirlwind that was finals week, […]

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Leaping Forth

The undergraduate career is wrapping up in a nice, 4-year package.  I am grateful to have experienced about all that Oregon State has to offer: studies in Ecuador, research, writing for the Barometer, academics and athletics alongside a growing group of friends… and maybe a college party or two.  The chance to work through all […]

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Just Play

Many times in life we get entangled in obligations that stem from the more serious components of our lives: studies, events, meetings and the like.  These are all consequences of pursuit of our livelihood and interests but it seems that focusing consistently on these obligations can take a toll after a prolonged period without some […]

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Getting to the guts of the matter

I just submitted my Fulbright application to study gut marker organisms and their relation with the severity and duration of diarrheal disease in Ecuador.  In essence, I’m proposing to sift through some poo looking for a causal relationship between certain bacteria and lessened illness after infection by harmful microbes.  The idea here is to find […]

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Back in the Saddle

Welcome back to America, gringo! I had the great fortune of coming back into the states to the open arms of my mom and Randy in the Portland airport, followed by steak, potatoes and American football, a pretty solid welcoming wagon in my eyes.  My time in Ecuador was invaluable and unforgettable and I’ve certainly […]

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